What is this?

Kvasten, (”The Broom”) is a monthly newsletter published by a group of concerned union
members at Volvo Cars final assembly plant at Torslanda in Gothenborg, Sweden.

It is a paper by and for workers at the plant. We who publish Kvasten are fed up with constant rationalizations which only mean that we must work harder and faster to make up for jobs that are eliminated. We are fed up harsh demands that jeopardize our health and safety. We are fed up with bosses who bark orders instead of discussing things respectfully. We are fed up with managers who are always blaming us when it’s their own decisions that cause the problems.

Everyone who has ever swept a staircase knows that you have to start from the top. Our management does the opposite when they go for us on the bottom step.

We think that there is an urgent need to speak up against the company; to openly
debate with management and demand that they treat us with respect; to point out that the stairs have to be swept from the top down.

We have started Kvasten to talk back to management and spread information between different parts of the plant.
Volvo Cars is owned by the Chinese company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The plant in Torlanda, Gothenburg is the biggest plant in the Nordic countries with its 3 000 blue collar workers and consists of a body plant (stamping, welding and painting) and a final assembly plant. In the final assembly plant about 1 500 blue collar workers work on three shifts.
We who publish Kvasten are members of the union IF Metall, that represents 450,000 blue collar industrial workers all over Sweden. The Volvo Cars  Local, organizes the  blue collar workers of  Geely owned Volvo Cars.
We don’t intend to update this site in English but if you have any questions you are welcome to get in touch via e-mail: kvastentips@hotmail.com